CivVic Labs
brings government andstartups together to solve public sector challenges and deliver better outcomes for Victorians

In partnership with LaunchVic and the Public Sector Innovation Fund

We do this through an accelerator program, housed in the Victorian Innovation Hub.

Supported by LaunchVic and the Public Sector Innovation Fund, the accelerator applies innovative and agile startup thinking to government needs, in turn contributing to scaling Victorian startups and creating more jobs.

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Government, meet startups.

Government departments signing up to the program will be asked to define a public sector challenge that would benefit from innovative thinking and new technologies. Working in a de-risked sandbox environment, government personnel will collaborate with startup founders to co-design solutions that benefit all Victorians.

Startups, meet Government

Starting with a public sector challenge, startups admitted to the three-month program will be co-located with government personnel and supported with funding, mentors, and resources as they design and develop prototypes. The program offers a path to procurement for Victorian startups.

“It’s a win-win situation.”

Minister for Innovation and the Digital Economy Philip Dalidakis

Benefits for Government

  • Better technological solutions: An opportunity to collaborate with startups to create innovative, technology-enabled solutions to address public sector’s needs.
  • De-risked environment: While working with startups can be seen as ‘risky’, we’ve designed a program that de-risks that on behalf of Government.
  • Improved procurement: Procurement will no longer just be a transactional process, but a transformative one.
  • Public Sector savings: The end solution will provide better value for money than traditional procurement pathways.

Benefits for Startups

  • Financial support: Funding and mentorship for Victorian startups to work alongside government to solve live public-sector challenges.
  • Pathways to procurement: Understanding and having access to Government procurement contracts.
  • Opportunity to make an impact: Working on public sector challenges that can make a real difference in the everyday lives of Victorians
  • Learning environment: A deep learning experience for startups to better understand Government processes and how they can benefit from them.